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Welcome to Shoe Repairs Online

We are a family run business and take great pride in our reputation for quality, value and customer service, that has been built up over the years on the high street and which we can now offer you a footwear repair service online.
We specialise in all types of Boot & Shoe Repair
We can undertake for you a basic heel repair or right through to a full Boot or Shoe Repair Renovation. Upper Repairs are also our speciality including full zip or runner replacement. If you cannot find what you need just give us a call.
No shoe repair shops where you live or work?
Get together with friends, neighbours or colleagues and post them to us in one parcel.
Not sure if they can be repaired?
We can assist you in the selection of the repair and advise if they can be repaired. Email us direct with your photographs at sales@saddlers4you.com
Need your footwear repair quickly?
Let us know your repair is urgent and we will endeavour to meet your time frame.
Need a Trade Footwear Repair Service?
Please contact us for a quote.
How did we do?
We value your feedback and would ask that you take the time to complete a review of the footwear repair you have had completed. Tell other customers what you think.
Check out this repair, these were ladies boots and we have replaced the broken sole with Vibram Ripple Vi-Lite Wedge Soles as requested by a customer. This is not a standard repair option so if you cannot find what you are looking for, remember it always pays to ask!
Before - Vibram Ripple Boots After Ladies Boots with Vibram Ripple Vi-Lite Soles
Check out our recent testimonial -
Hi this not a request more an email of praise. I last week sent my Doc Martens in for resoleing, not only was the repair perfect and expertly done, the speed of the job and delivery of my boots back to me was astounding. I cannot praise you highly enough. As a skinhead I love my Docs and they look and feel like brand new. Thanks so much, I have already given your details to my Skinhead mates for their docs, and you have a regular customer in me. Thanks again. Neal
Winter.The bright crisp days with the icy weather has finally arrived. Your boots are definitely now being used to keep your feet warm and dry. We are a specialist repairer for your winter footwear. Do you need a zip replacing in your boot or new elastic? We still carry out the basics to keep your footwear looking smart and wearable.
Stick-on-Soles for prevention and protection.
Leather Soles for replacement of worn soles.
Crepe Soles - an old trend having a comeback.
Vibram and Itshide commando units for walking footwear.
Stitching and Patching for those upper repairs of splits, tears and cuts, buckles, elastic, Velcro and sock lining replacements.
If you need is something specific not covered on our website, contact us for assistance on 01749 673298 or email with pictures to sales@saddlers4you.com and we will be pleased to advise you.


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