Gents Replacement Full Soles

Choose your sole. Whether your footwear requires new Vibram units or you wish to convert your leather soles to Commando this is the department for you. Even crepe soles seem to be having a revival. No style is old fashioned and most footwear can be repaired or adapted. If your choice is not listed please contact us at

Your choices are:-

No. 1 – Micro – lightweight to match original
No. 2 – Dainite Commando Unit
No. 3 – Vibram Unit
No. 4 – Itshide Golfer/Club Unit
No. 6 – White Vibram Christy Unit
No. 7 – DM Tyre Tread – 5mm thick
No. 8 – Crepe
No. 9 – Vibram MCT – suitable for icy, wet and slippery conditions
No. 10 – Vibram Gumlite Ripple Unit

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