Footwear care guide: Taking Care

How to shine and shampoo your shoes

HOW to Shine Shoes

  1. Lightly spray shoes with fine water spray
  2. Clean dirt off shoes
  3. Apply shoe cream or polish, rubbing in with a cloth or brush
  4. Buff with a clean cloth
  5. Spray again with fine water spray
  6. Re-apply polish and buff to create a high gloss shine (nylon tights are good)

HOW to Shampoo Suede Shoes

  1. Submerge shoes briefly in a bowl of lukewarm water
  2. Remove from water and apply suede/fabric shampoo or washing up liquid
  3. Scrub with a nail brush or similar
  4. Rinse with clean cold water
  5. Repeat if necessary
  6. Allow to dry naturally inside or outdoors
  8. Apply a suede/fabric protector once dry
  9. Note. Good for light suede but dark colours may fade!