Rewelting Full Shoe (Per Shoe)

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Rewelting Full Shoe (Per Shoe)


Welts are primarily found in quality leather shoes.

The welt on your shoe is the strip around the edge of the upper to which the sole is stitched.

The advantage of having a welted shoe is that the leather is a porous material and will allow your feet to breath, they can make your shoes flexible or almost stiff depending on the shoe’s use, they allow your shoe to be repaired numerous times and over a period of time your shoes will mould to the shape of your feet.

The repair albeit expensive is worthwhile in restoring a pair of your favourite, expensive shoes and is a job of skilled and trained craftsman. We take great pride in our ability to provide this service to you.

Do your uppers look like they are coming away from your soles, is the edge of your shoe all cracked and broken? If your welts have truly gone beyond another sole then this work will be what is required. It is fully hand sewn on by the craftsmen in our workshop.

(This job would be added to a long sole)

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