Specialist Repairs

Specialist repairs We also do a great deal of stitching repairs e.g. gaiters, rucksacks, binocular cases, camera cases etc.

Need a zip replaced? Please note we have moved these products. Please visit our Zip Replacement department.

We can also replace the Zip plaquet if worn when replacing a Zip. This runs inside the boot behind the zip to help prevent snagging on clothing. If your Ugg Boots are too tight we are capable on some occasions to be able to fit a Zip into the Boots. – Please enter details and send a picture to assist.

If it is just a runner required we can replace, where a matching size is available.

We also have if you require extra assistance in pulling up your Zip, Zip Pullers in Nickel, Gilt, Bronze and Gun metal (to add price £3.00 each)
We can turn our hand to any kind of stitching so if you have any questions or queries regarding a repair or require a quote please call 01749 673298 or email sales@saddlers4you.com

Our standard repairs listed below are as follows:-
Back Linings
Elastic Straps
Elastic Gussets
Elastic Gusset in a zip
Boot Plaquet
Toe and Heel Plates
Leather Sock Linings
Seat Socks
Taps for Dance Shoes

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