Gents Replacement Half Soles

Can you feel the Queen's head on a penny through the sole of your shoe, chances are you need more than a stick on sole. A replacement is what will be needed. Select a sole with grip if needed. For dress shoes, something smooth will be more appropriate.

Here are your choices:-

No. 1 – Resin – smooth
No. 2 – Micro – lightweight to match original
No. 3 – Crepe – natural material to match original
No. 4 – DM Tyre Tread – Rubber compound 5mm thick with tyre tread design for additional grip
No. 5 – Vibram Sebastian Grip Sole 3.5mm thick
No. 6 – Vibram Mortara Walkabout Sole 5mm thick (cleated) with matching heel
No. 7 – Vibram MCT Sole and Heel designed for grip in icy, wet and slippery conditions.

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