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Vibram Multicontrol Tech is the technology designed to increase grip on wet, icy and particularly slippery surfaces. This high-impact innovation for adventures in the great outdoors raises the bar in terms of protection and safety in critical conditions and increases the opportunity for outdoor activities.


Vibram MultiControl Tech adds a layer of fabric, combined with the rubber, to the lugs that come into direct contact with the ground.

The lugs therefore have a three layer structure:- rubber outer, fabric mid-layer and rubber inner with the same or different compound as the outer lug, or in polyurethane.


The fabric used has been specifically designed for Vibram MultiControl Tech technology. It stands out for its excellent grip on wet and icy surfaces and its excellent compatibility with rubber.

The perfect adherence of the fabric to the rubber counteracts the risk of delamination or irregular wear. Thanks to the special moulding technology the fabric surface in contact with the ground during the sole’s normal wear also remains constant, meaning performance stays the same over time.


Tarrago Nano Protector offers innovative top-class protection based on revolutionary NANOTECHNOLOGY.

When the NANO PROTECTOR impregnation has been applied the fibers themselves become much more water and dirt proof. Water and dirt will not adhere to the fibres, and will instead run off like pearls (called the “lotus effect”). Large amounts of dirt can then be easily removed afterwards.

Materials stay breathable and, when regularly used their surface stays like new for longer.

Recommended for Gore Tex and other High-Tech membrances due to the fact that it allows breathability.

For all kinds of leather, suede, nubuck and textile materials in the HIGH-TECH branch.

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