Don’t Throw them away

Repair your shoes today!

That time has come when you need to make a decision, do you throw away your favourite and most comfortable shoes or do you have them repaired?

Is the material perishing, feeling dusty and bits falling away? If yes – then we are sorry to say it is time for the bin.
If not, then they can probably be repaired.

Are they a Goodyear Welted Shoe? (Traditional brogues) These can have new soles, heels, cork filling, back linings, insoles, laces and a good polish to restore them to look like nearly new.

Are they moulded? We would suggest sending a photograph to us at and we will advise you whether they can be repaired.

Do you wish to change the look of the shoe? Many customers have taken a traditional gent’s shoe or boot and added a white Vibram unit to make it more fashionable. Again, send in an email and we will be able to advise you further. Vibram units have the benefit of lasting longer and give great comfort.

Has your zip broken in your boot? Boots are a heavy investment and nobody wants to throw them away without the chance to repair. Whether it be a fashion, riding or even motorcycle zip we can replace them. Only the zip that is broken needs to be repaired and our zips will match as closely as possible to the original so that it won’t be noticeable when wearing.

Do you have Dr. Marten footwear? When your uppers are in a good state of repair and the thought of wearing in a new pair can seem quite daunting check us out to see if we can repair them. We are able to repair only the 1460s Original range. Unfortunately, replacement units are not available in the UK for any other style.

Our best advice at the end of the day, no question is too daft to ask, always send an email and make an enquiry before throwing your footwear away. If there is a way to fix them, our workshop has the skill and knowledge to help you out.