Gents Stick on Sole including heel No. 7

inc. vat

1 x Pair of Vibram Ariel Non Slip SAS 2mm


Vibram 2mm Lightweight Protector Sole with pattern for extra grip.

Our Vibram soles now come in new colours, we match the edge finish of all these colours to your original finish.

They come in two colours brown and cappuccino rather than black to avoid marks where possible on floor coverings.

Please note we will pick the colour to match your footwear.

Additional information

Heel Options

Gents Heels – Leisure 6mm, Gents Heels – Ariel 7mm, Gents Premier Heels – Dupla 6mm (£1.00), Gents Premier Heels – PVC ¼ Steel (£3.05), Gents Premier Heels – Leather ¼ Rubber (£3.05), Gents Premier Heels – Roccia (£3.05, Gents Premier Heels – Wellness (£4.55), Gents Premier Heels – Itshide Commando (£5.05), Gents Premier Heels – JR Leather ¼ Rubber (£6.05)

Heel Options

Shoe Description and Instructions

SKU: C_VIB4200

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Vibram Replacement Soles

Martin, September 2020
"Many thanks for the boots, received this afternoon. Exceptionally quick service on your part and a good job to boot (sorry!). Will certainly use you again. All the best!"

Riding Boot Zip

Lisa, September 2020
"Hi – my boot arrived this morning – thank you for the excellent service – will definitely keep your details and recommend you."

Satisfied Customer Comments

Rebecca, August 2020
"Many, many thanks for bringing my favourite boots back to life! Great service, very quick and very professional. Would highly recommend."

Gents Replacement JR Leather Through Sole with 1/4 JR Leather/Rubber Heels

Paul, July 2020
"Hello. I’m pleased with the job that you did on my boots, and I’m happy to leave a positive review, but my efforts to do so on line have been thwarted. How would you like me to go about offering a word in support of your services? All the best!"